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new constructions

New constructions

Effective planning is a crucial part of the ongoing project management process. The environmental impact of a job, its scheduling, budgets..


Refining and chemicals plants

Our strong technology, our knowledge-based approach and our dedication to quality and safety allow us to offer you innovative ...


Fabrication shops

Industrial manufacturing covers a wide variety of business fields, from pharmaceuticals to agricultural machinery, aerospace vehicles ...


Liquid terminals

The liquid terminals industry is made up of liquid terminal storage companies storing commercial liquids above ground in large bulk t...



The pipeline construction process is divided into three phases: pre-construction, construction and post-construction – it’s a ...


Offshore platforms

Properly prioritising inspections is a high priority for OIL in ensuring it delivers its major hazard strategy whilst supporting businesses to ...


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Liquid penetrant inspections

Liquid penetrant inspections (LPI) or penetrant testing (PT) is a widely applied and low-cost

Magnetic particles testing

Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT), also referred to as Magnetic Particle Inspection,is a nondestructive

Visual testing

Visual testing is one oldest forms of nondestructive examinations available

Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic Testing inspection is a method commonly used for flow detection/evaluation

Turnaround inspections

Our objective is to ensure that the inspections are done with integriy and on time to meet the

Quality control and quality assurance

The responsibilities of a QA inspector are to ensure that the work being done by the contractors