a world with no inspections

– A world with no inspections

The implications of COVID-19 are reverberating across the globe, impacting every aspect of daily life,including, surprisingly, maritime safety. Among the many impacts of COVID-19 on shipping is a significant reduction in physical safety inspections of ships. Port State Control authorities are onlychecking high-risk vessels, tankers are missing SIRE inspections, and other surveys are not beingperformed. […]

– How to benefit from three different types of Quality Inspections.

We’ve established that poor quality can be detrimental to your bottom line and supply chainvisibility is key to managing quality control. Performing inspections during the production cycleprevents poor quality products leaving the factory. Auditors should catch and address quality issuesbefore they damage a brand or retailer’s bottom line or reputation. The Three Types of Quality […]

what we do to help you

– What we do to help you

At Oracle Inspection Leaders, we employ the best in the industry. We offer different types of services from non-destructive testing to advanced reliability services. We attend your requirements with complete integrity and security to provide you with the bestservice. We remain committed to providing you with better inspection solutions. We collaborate with our clients to […]


“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss thefuture.” John F. Kennedy. There are no shortage of quotes or books on the topic of change. Change is a hot topic in all industries.The Director of HR, Leo Pena, and I recently conducted a […]