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– What we do to help you

At Oracle Inspection Leaders, we employ the best in the industry.

We offer different types of services from non-destructive testing to advanced reliability services.

We attend your requirements with complete integrity and security to provide you with the best

We remain committed to providing you with better inspection solutions.

We collaborate with our clients to offer independent services that will help them improve their
operations, reduce risks and develop smart solutions.

Life choice

It is a choice you make each day to remain safe and ensure that others around you have the same
commitment to working safe. Oracle Inspection Leaders embodies this approach and demonstrates
this commitment on each and every assignment. Our personnel attend and participate in the
facility’s daily safety meetings but also our own internal daily tool ox meetings.

Safety rating

Safety infractions in he industry is measured by your company’s EMR rating. This is the Experience
Modification Rate and accurately reflects your worker compensation premiums. This is a true
measurement of recordables and the frecuency at which these infractions are committed. Oracle
Inspection Leaders touts an exceptional rating driven by the fact that we have not incurred a single
lost time recordable since our inception in 2020.